Five & Dime .singapore.

A new eatery sprung up along river valley road! I am really lovin’ every little detail of the place, from the coasters to the color of the chairs.

It has huge windows and has great sunlight coming through. It didn’t feel like I was in Singapore at all, kind of reminds me of the cafes I went to in Bangkok. We arrived at about 3pm and was informed that the kitchen is closed, hence no food, only drinks. An iced chocolate was what I had, it had a Nutella flavour to it, but not how I would like my iced chocolate to taste. Lovely little place which I would pop by again to try their food and coffee sometime.

It is a joy to see such a pretty little place in Singapore!

.five & dime.
No. 297 River Valley Road, Singapore 238338

Closed on Tuesdays
Weekdays -12 noon to 12 midnight
Saturday – 10 am to 12 midnight
Sunday – 10 am to 10 pm

Last orders for lunch at 230 pm. Last orders for dinner is 930 pm.
Coffees, cakes and awesome cocktails all day!


tdrawer does singapore .singapore.

learning about the beauty of iPhone’s lens flare.

a tourist in her own country. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

art installation by Grace Tan and Randy Chan – Building as a Body

milan – singapore (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

totally enjoying the company and unaware of being photographed. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

stamford house – 39 (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

strike a pose. i am inspired by how he put his headgear together. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

meet naem and shahabuddin.

working tools.

running pass 9509 to stop traffic.


Mr Tan and his customer totally did not get our joke. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

Angelic Susi.

trying to chat up with some foreigners. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

lovely old school tiles, can’t resist taking a #fromwhereistand photo.

Had a lovely morning photowalk with two of my fellow instagrammers, Sing Yong and Susi. Susi caught many photos of me, or was I always popping into her frame?

we walked from chijmes to the substation, passing by the stamford house and went to Maison Ikkoku for lunch. Met many characters which I will not think of striking a conversation with before I started instagramming. I enjoy learning more about others’ life and documenting or taking a portrait of them, now I try to talk to them rather then just taking a photo and walking away.

Its the first day of Lunar New Year today wishing good health and good wealth to all my friends and family .Gong Hei Fatt Choi.

the orange thimble .singapore.

the orange thimble window.

the dripping art, floor design at the door step.

the “xxOPENxx” taxi sign.

the tulip art on my latte with belly button biscuits.

the caffeinated fly.

the orange thimble is the first cafe I visited this year, it have been open for awhile now, seen many singapore instagrammers (SGIGers) visited the place, but the photos did not do justice (neither are mine :P) to the space they have. There are pockets of spaces with tables, seats and sofa around the cafe, creating cosy atmosphere for you and your friends (indoor and outdoors).

Being known as an arts cafe, currently the works of Colin Chow’s perspective on Tiong Bahru Estate is on exhibition. I did not know about it until I read up on the website when I got home, its a shame that I did not take a closer look at the photographs, I thought that they were part of the orange thimble’s perspective on the neighborhood which would always be on display in the cafe.

I have a glass of latte, its much bigger then what you get around the block, its about a 250-280ml (by guess and memory). However, I do find it too milky for my liking, am not able to taste much of the flavor of the beans.

However, the place is good for a lazy day out, cafe-hopping session with a few friends, as there are a handful of cafes in the neighborhood.

.the orange thimble.
Blk 56, Eng Hoon Street, #01-68, Singapore 160056

Closed on Monday
Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday 9am – 1030pm
Sunday 9am – 9pm