tdrawer does singapore .singapore.

learning about the beauty of iPhone’s lens flare.

a tourist in her own country. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

art installation by Grace Tan and Randy Chan – Building as a Body

milan – singapore (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

totally enjoying the company and unaware of being photographed. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

stamford house – 39 (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

strike a pose. i am inspired by how he put his headgear together. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

meet naem and shahabuddin.

working tools.

running pass 9509 to stop traffic.


Mr Tan and his customer totally did not get our joke. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

Angelic Susi.

trying to chat up with some foreigners. (Photography courtesy of Susi @commonlynoun)

lovely old school tiles, can’t resist taking a #fromwhereistand photo.

Had a lovely morning photowalk with two of my fellow instagrammers, Sing Yong and Susi. Susi caught many photos of me, or was I always popping into her frame?

we walked from chijmes to the substation, passing by the stamford house and went to Maison Ikkoku for lunch. Met many characters which I will not think of striking a conversation with before I started instagramming. I enjoy learning more about others’ life and documenting or taking a portrait of them, now I try to talk to them rather then just taking a photo and walking away.

Its the first day of Lunar New Year today wishing good health and good wealth to all my friends and family .Gong Hei Fatt Choi.

2 comments on “tdrawer does singapore .singapore.

  1. lynnette says:

    Hi hi! :D I’m glad you’ve started a blog! It’s so nice to get a platform to see more photos you’ve taken and the stuff that you’re up to apart from Instagram. And wow, it’s so amazing how people have been able to connect through technology…and Instagram. X) What do you normally say to the people you meet when you take photos of them thru Instagram?

    (and I totally enjoy being a tourist in my own country! the best way to always be amazed/grateful about stuff)

    • tdrawer says:

      Hi Lynette, pardon my late reply, i just found out how to do so.. :) thank you for visiting my newly set up humble blog, I always think that having a blog is over-rated :P but now its a way for friends and family to know my happenings when i go traveling and in fact sometimes i may have too much photos to just spam them on instagram, so it will be good for me to share them here. Yes! I’m always amazed by how we all connect and know new people thru technology. When i meet people from Instagram (conversations would normally start off by exchanging nicknames, comment about the photos, ask about what really happened for the photo…) :) you should go for Instameet/ Instashow held by @sgig I met many amazing photographers and friends thru the meets. They have it every third Sunday of the month. ;) I think you will enjoy it!

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