selfish gene cafe .singapore.





. vegetarian bruschetta .


. panna cotta .


. frozen cheesecake .


. croissant and butter pudding .


. chai tea latte .

Located along craig road, near tanjong pagar, this cafe is just 6weeks old! From the first time I stepped into the cafe, I fell in love the sunroof in the middle of the cafe. The communal table set up right under it, allowing daylight running through those windows, it’s the perfect corner for me.

Here are some of my favorite dishes from the cafe, sweet corn soup, roasted tomato soup, vegetarian bruschetta, frozen cheese cake and croissant and butter pudding.

My absolute favorite dish is the Panna Cotta, the light fluffy vanilla flavor is perfect with the berry coulis, I have to have it on every visit!

I have to admit that I am a person that would never (but never say never!) order a chai tea latte, as I do not like the minty flavor (referring to the chai tea lattes I have had in Starbucks), but the flavor of the chai spices worked amazingly well with the milk here! I am a fan now. Another drink which is my favorite from the cafe is their green tea latte, and it comes with a special black sesame green tea cookie!

p.s.: Some of you would probably know that I worked in selfish gene cafe as a coffee barista, this is my entry as a customer, not a staff. ;)

p.p.s.: If you do visit selfish gene cafe, do look out for the chalk board wall next to the sunroof, I dressed it up with some of my drawings. :D

.selfish gene cafe.
40 Craig Road, Singapore 089678

Closed on Tuesdays
Opening hours 10am – 6pm

p: +65 6423 1324
f: +65 6423 1274

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