Hello Melbourne! .Melbourne.












Hello Melbourne!

Ralph and I arrived in Melbourne, nice and fresh with a great flight from Emirates’ business class! Weather’s great! It was cool and windy of about 15-19 degrees!

Denise picked me up from Southern Cross Station. She showed me around Melbourne, I’ve been around the city almost 5 times in 2days! In every mode of transport (city tram, car, van, bus, kayak) possible and of cos we walked! Walking is the best way to get around the city I think!

Douglas, Travis and Yee Lee touched down this morning. We still got around to many places. St. Kilda beach, where the Luna Park is, with some wooden roller coaster. We walked down the beach, had an ice-cream, saw some little penguins. Head to Chardstone, a mega mall, that’s really big and nice, low end/ high end, all in. Travis brought me down the river and we kayak all the way to St Kilda bridge, it was a great way to see the city!

I am falling in love with the city! <3

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