Brother Baba Budan .Melbourne.









Take a tram and alight at the GPO, walk around to Little Burke Street and you will find this charming little cafe. A space that is just about right for 10-15 seatings, on the big commute table or along the wall on the high stools. I was already attracted to the cafe when I saw a review on On the ceiling of the interior, it has hundreds of chairs above your head! This have since been “the place” that I want to visit! Plus its the perfect location if you are in the city and need a quick coffee fix!

I ordered a long black and the flavor of the seven seed blend is perfect for a long black. A cup that is a well rounder, smooth, bold, right extraction, right temperature. It simply made my day and made my trip to Melbourne worth it. And this may just be the beginning of my amazing coffee journey in Melbourne.

.Brother Baba Budan.
359 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

Telephone +613 9606 0449

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