Working towards sustainable agriculture .Great Ocean Road.











Learning about sustainable agriculture with the beautiful Melzak family. Not only do you split your household garbage for recyclable and non-recyclable, you also have compost bins and of cos chooks! Rainwater is collected and filtered for drinking, cooking and washing. Sewage water is cleaned and filtered for watering the plants!

It’s not only about growing your own food, but doing it with care for your next generation, returning minerals to the earth, to allow it to grow beautiful food for you again, it’s a cycle.

Wwoofing exposed me to things which I have absolutely not done before. Collecting fire wood and kindle from a privately owned bush, clearing roo poos (can’t seem to escape from poos, can I?), pruning, vegetable and fruit picking, preparing dandelion leaves for the chooks, cleaning the chook shed.

Organic is the way to go! I do wish I have space to do this back home.

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