wildlife and the not so wild ones .Victoria.














My first encounter with kangaroos and wildlife on this trip was when Julie, my host brought me to a wildlife conservation park. :) It was a very hot day and all the kangaroos were hiding under the trees.

Shortly after, when I was staying with the Melzaks, on the first evening when I was there walking the dogs with Vini in the Barwon Downs NP, a Kangaroo ran into our path in the bush! It came so fast I couldn’t even react to it. I was excited and shocked at the same time, however Vini seem very calm and it was a regular sight for him. I came to understand why so, koalas hangout at their front yard, kangaroos come into their backyard. I was lucky to see kangaroos and wallabies on our drives but not hurt them in anyway.

I also encountered some not so lucky ones, baby penguin that might have hit the rocks and didn’t make it. On my drive from the great ocean road to the grampians I counted a total of 11 road kills. No pictures as I couldn’t bare to stop to take photos of the poor things.

There was a few times when I spotted kangaroo/ wallaby next to my car as I was driving, luckily they did not jump in front of my moving car.

Wildlife encounter counter: koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, snake, hedgehog, penguins, parrots, emu, kookabaru, magpies, many types of birds and insects.

Some of these animals came and went so fast or were too far I did not managed to take any photos. Each of these experience are unique and special to me. :)

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