my very first car rental road trip .the great ocean road & grampians.




















Hello Hello! I’m very much lagging behind on my blog! Ops! As you will noticed if you are following my travels on instagram (@tdrawer), that has more real-time update!

So! Yes! I was so very excited about my drive on the great ocean road! I was on my first car rental, I got a brand new Hundai Accent it was a 1.6l car! I drove from Geelong and was lost on my first turn and missed the highway to the great ocean road. Right! How great was that right? But, oh well, I had anticipated that I would take a wrong turn at some point and it actually took me 1 hour to get back to the right track. Do not judge me.

I love Lorne a beautiful little town along the great ocean road, where i saw many beautiful white cockatoos but decide to stay over in Apollo Bay instead. Apollo Bay is a great location for a stopover before heading to the Twelve Apostle which is about 1.5hour drive away.

I met Gisela at the hostel I was staying and she joined me for the drive from Apollo Bay to Port Fairy. Set off early towards the Twelve Apostle but it was raining very heavily! Lucky for us, the rain did not follow us to the Twelve Apostle instead, the Sun came out and greet us! So, we stop over at almost all the scenic lookout points, there was London Bridge, Loch and Gorge, Bays of Island and many more I think… After awhile, they all kinda looked the same. lol! And so, we proceed to Port Fairy, I drop Gisela off at the hostel and proceed to the Grampians!

There were many road kills along my drive towards Halls Gap, a total count of 11 I saw on my drive. There were also times where a wallaby dashed out onto the road! And times where I saw them right at the side of the passenger door. I did a few bush walks in the Grampians, one of which was to the MacKenzie Falls and another to some lookout which I cannot remember the name now. Beautiful lookout where you can see vast land and endless sky. Many wildlife were spotted along the way. There were about 20 wild Kangaroos grazing at the backyard of the hostel I was staying at, it was a beautiful sight.

The next day I head towards Ballarat and back to Geelong. I drove a whooping total of 786km and on the second day a total of 11hours! It is pretty much a big drive for a girl from the tiny sunny island of Singapore, it is a great way to see Victoria and I would recommend everyone to do so!

cheers to self drive road trips! Honk honk!

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