Auckland .New Zealand.










Finally!!!! I am up to date with where I am! LOL! That’s right! I am currently in Auckland, which is situated on the North Island of New Zealand.

Weather is not much different then Melbourne which I flew in on an early morning flight. The city is really really small but has steeper then steep roads! And guessed what?! My hostel (YHA Auckland City) is situated on top of a 70degrees slope! Can anyone ever imagine how hard it is to drag ur luggage up that slope? My verdict, spend a few more dollars a night and stay in YHA International, which is one block down, on a flat road. Apart from the killer slope, I’ve met two roomies, Zoe from Taiwan and Johana from Germany, and have made good friends, both of them have been traveling for a year! Zoe in Australia and Johana in New Zealand, they have gave me valuable advice.

I have went on short trips to islands near Auckland, can’t wait to get to Coromandel Peninsular tomorrow where I will be staying with Simon and Jane in Karuna Falls, a co-op community of several creative families. It will be fun!

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