St. Andrew .Melbourne.















I stayed with Lloyd Godman and Tess Edwards at their artist Baldessin Press Studio Retreat for 10days as a wwoofette, as what Tess would call her female wwoofers. I have my own little self-contained cottage which is absolutely adorable and comfortable. Tess is an amazing cook, I’ve had the most tasty and beautiful vegetarian meals during my stay, we would also have meals in the garden, how lovely is that?

Lloyd and Tess brought me to the Saturday St. Andrew market which has many local produce and crafts. There’s a wood fire oven pizza shop, A boy named Sue, just across the market and Tess celebrated her birthday with some of her close friends and I was also invited to join. :) The pizza I had that night was so good that we went back for dinner the following night! And I’ve also had the most delicious desert pizza ever! The dough is light and have hazelnut chocolate on the base with poached quin (some kind of pear) and hazelnut, the combination is just heavenly!!!! I wish I could teleport ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS so that they could try that!!! If I am staying in Melbourne I would go St Andrews as often as I can for their pizzas!

Lloyd is also the artist for the revolving garden, he have many beautiful works, which you will be able to find on his website. Apart from eating and eating, I did worked on the garden and also moved truck-loads of horse manure!

Staying with Lloyd and Tess was indeed a beautiful experience.

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