Karuna Falls .New Zealand.














Missing in action for a month! Phew! I did not vanished from the surface of the earth. I was wwoofing in Karuna Falls, Coromandel Peninsular in the North Island of New Zealand. Karuna Falls is a community where people live on the land together.

It’s an amazing place and I have learnt so much from everybody in the community. I am also inspired to do community gardening when I am back in Singapore!

It’s like going back to living with Nature when I was in Karuna Falls. Having outdoor showers under the stars next to the chickens and ducks everyday, going for bush walks, gardening, abseiling down Karuna Falls, fishing at the beach, eating oysters from the rocks, climbing trees! It was an experience of a lifetime. Plus everybody uses compost toilets, which basically means that you pee and poo into a hole and cover with some sawdust, after a few months you can use this as compost for your gardens!

Apart from all these, I joined the community and went for a music festival in coville where local bands played all night long. There were also many dinner parties and luncheons and teas where I meet many locals. So many amazing people that opened up their daily lives and shared them with me, I’m really blessed to have wwoof in Karuna Falls. I do not know if I have made an impact in their lives but every single person in Karuna Falls certainly made an impact in mine.

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