Springfield X Porters .New Zealand.















This was two weeks ago guys! I’m now at the Auckland International Airport waiting for my flight back to Melbourne. <3

The last two weeks I spent with my sister in both north and south island. So much to tell you guys about! I shall do so when I am back in Singapore, cos many amazing photos were taken with my camera instead of my phone. (ps: cannot multi-task and use multiple cameras.)

So, yes yes, this was two weeks ago when I spent a week in Springfield, Canterbury. Springfield is about an hour away from Christchurch and Porters Ski Fields is about 30min from Springfield. It is the nearest ski field to Christchurch. Being the nearest to cc, you get many locals on the slopes on weekends and school holiday, not too many tourist nor too crowded. It is a nice and neat ski field with platters (beginners area, which I did spend some time when learning/ practicing) and T-bars (intermediate/ advance area, a horror to ride on, as it pulls you upwards in between your legs.) I spent three days of lessons and another three days riding on the slopes, infact, on my last day I managed to made my way up to the top of the mountain! Great day with an amazing view, one of the best views I've seen in New Zealand!

So, goodbye for now, I will disappear for another two weeks enjoying the best coffee culture and gourmet food that Melbourne will offer! Cheers!

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