Retirement Ramble

Well, I’ve been overworking my tiny brain tonight by thinking about how to achieve my retirement goals by 50. It could jolly well be those late twenties hormones, but well, yes I’m in panic mode now. Thou, I did choose to live young and dangerous last year with some solo traveling (it wasn’t really that dangerous at all, apart from that ultra close encounter with that adult male kangaroo that charge in my direction while bush walking in Barwon Downs). All these should have been planned out a decade ago, but i didnt, so, well, I can’t afford to have any further delays. And no, I do not mean I need to start a family now, I am not build that way, anyway. However with that said, I love kids, wouldn’t mind to have my own, so, if you are smart, handsome and witty, you may like to send me your résumé for shortlisting your sperms donation, thank you very much.

So I am mind mapping how to achieve retirement goals without much burden to anybody later on in life and live the lifestyle I enjoy. Which is to be living in the country, have my own B&B and meet travelers from all over the world and bring their travels to me when I can no longer travel.

Anybody have better insights for a good head start, we should meet up for coffee sharing session, but no financial consultants please.

Yes I did put a pause on my travelog. And it will resume to retrace footsteps on 7th Feb. This is just my random rambling post, which you will get more from now on (maybe, possibly) until I get paranoid about people who talk like they know me cos they read my blog. :) Friends who know me will know how paranoid I can get sometimes, and how I hate people who pretend that they know you without real conversations.


So, I will just have to fight for my goal(s) and push through any bad weather that comes my way.