Bandung X Jakarta .Indonesia.

Over the week I was in Bandung and Jakarta, Indonesia for meetings. Here are some of the snapshots I took during the trip.

20130406-193945.jpgSundanese Lunch! I tried all those raw vege and now I think I know why the cows prefer watercress. The raw watercress has this “green” taste but it isn’t bitter and the flavors burst in your mouth as you chew on. We have rice to go with corn fritters, fried daohu, fried mashed potatoes and herbs, marinated fried kumpung chicken and an assam vegetable soup.

20130406-194015.jpgFruits on the meeting table, erm, excuse me, how do you peel an orange and start eating it over meeting? And it is also pretty funny to munch on bananas, thou the company’s GM had a few over the meeting table.




20130406-194107.jpgWhile being taken around the factories..




20130406-194148.jpgSome street shots, this is starting to inspire me to travel Indonesia, have a trip from Jakarta to Bali it would be beautiful to travel from mountains to mountains, village to village and ultimately dive in Bali!




Some of you reading may be puzzled, I posted that I will be resuming my blog by tracing my foot steps. :P right, about that, I started on a new job in January and I am kinda putting alot of focus and energy in that. Honestly, I haven’t been working for over a year, have been living and traveling pretty freely, doing whatever I feel like, whenever. So it will take me awhile before I can really push my mind to be work focus. I have been to a few places since I was back from Australia/ New Zealand last August, I would try to post something out of it. Meanwhile, I would like this to be my free-spirited blog, just subscribe (I honestly don’t know if there’s such an option) or pop by when you feel like.


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