Savour the moment. Part One.

Foodie [foo -dee]
noun Slang.
a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking.

Yes, last Saturday we brought out the inner foodie in us. Erica and I attended gourmet demonstrations, pastry & tea pairing, hands-on baking class, tasted signature dishes of many celebrity chefs, all at Savour.

Pardon the lack of images, I’m not a food photographer, I just enjoy eating, tasting, savoring them and not have clicks and snaps. Its a risk having the dish turning cold and losing the best moment, isn’t it?

We packed the day and selecting as many experiences we can fit in. Started off with “A summer menu with Roberto Galetti” executive chef and managing director at Garibaldi. A live demonstration of 3italian dishes where he encourages us to toss up for summer! Fuss free and easy! Chef Roberto is an Italian who only uses 100% Italian Olive oil!

Right after that we tasted some dishes at the gourmet village. Top 3 of my favorite experience would be:
#3. 55′ smoked organic egg by Julien Royer .Jaan. Singapore
An interactive experience you get to have, which is pouring the egg out into the dish where you mix it up! Well, who doesn’t love an egg dish?

#2. Cold Angel Hair Pasta by Gunther Hubrechsen .Gunther’s. Singapore
Can you imagine a cold angel hair pasta with beautiful truffle aroma seducing you under a 35degrees blazing afternoon sun? On first slurp, the bursting caviars, the freshly chopped chives, the cold angel hair pasta and the truffle oil flavor lingering in your mouth. It was like you never ever want that breadth of freshness go away.

#1. Beetroot sponge, wild rice and macadamia salad by Margot Janse .The tasting room at Le Quartier Fraçais. South Africa
It was exquisite! Beetroot juice made into a foam ball, it hold it’s shape despite the blazing heat. And yes, it was so refreshing, it melts in your mouth, with the texture of the wild rice and salad. No words will be able to explain the experience. Chef Margot was very friendly and explained the two dishes we ordered, on how she acquire the ingredients locally and the process of preparation. Thank you for preparing and presenting such an amazing dish.

It is such an amazing gastronomic day, with so many experiences and happenings, only being there and soaking it all in will do justice. Of cos, being there with the right company who enjoys as much if not even more then you do makes best out of it! Thank you Erica for asking me along, I will missed ya but with that said, lets plan for BBC Good Food Show in London!






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