Savour extended. Part Two.

Gourmet [ g oo r- mey , g oo r -mey ]
a connoisseur of fine food and drink; epicure.

Sure, one post isn’t enough to say it all, there was just way too much happening in a day!

Next up! We attended “A Pastry & Tea Pairing Experience by Michael Liu, Windowsill Pies” it was presented with Gryphon Tea Company. We were very lucky to get a spot for the class/ presentation. Chef Michael did an excellent job pairing the selected teas. (1. Earl Grey 2. Lapsang Souchong 3. Marsala Chai) We love the aroma of Lapsang Souchong, which we nicknamed it “hamsup lapcheong” (internal joke). It is a black tea smoked with pine wood from Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province. It is distinctly smokey, with a hint of bacon. Chef Michael paired this with a maple flavored walnut madeleine. The flavors were so unexpectedly complimentary. Pair yours with a stack of fluffy pancakes over maple syrup it would work just as well!


We also met with my favorite relish producer from New Zealand! *Screams* Maison Therese, I fell in love with their tomato relish when I tasted them at Memphis Belle in Wellington, I had them with a pie I ordered, (long story, short) I brought them all the way home! Now, it’s great to see them on the shelves of Jasons and Cold Storage. We chatted with Monique and Emma Bradshaw about ingredients that are available in New Zealand and how their family history play a big part in the recipes they created. Silly me didn’t even properly introduce ourselves, even thou we chat like old friends for almost an hour!

We then attended “Italian Trippa” with Gabriele Pegaia from Burlamacco. He explained and taught us how to cook Trippa, not easy if you didn’t prepare it well. We probably were a little too enthusiastic during the presentation that he remembered us and when we saw him at his booth, he invited us for drinks and we talked about languages and travels. Funny guy.

Here comes the highlight of the day!!! Like, I don’t have enough exclamations in my post, yet. We got into “Playing with Chocolate” by Andres Lara from Pollen. What’s so exciting, you may ask?Firstly, it’s a fully hands-on baking class. Secondly, it’s only available for the first 16. We were number 11 and 12 in queue! So many that came after were disappointed. Yes, we did wait in the queue an hour or more before the class starts.



The very young but yet experienced Chef Andres explains and demonstrates 2 recipes. A travel cake which has a dense brownie bottom and a light citrusy green tea top. This recipe has a very interesting hidden hazelnut praline in the brownie part of the cake which gives a slight crunch to your bite. He also showed us how to make choc bon bons, there wasn’t any time for us to work on it hands on but we get to taste them. Erica was amazingly fast and she explains each step to me again when we were at it, for getting ready fast, we each won a “gourmet food on a budget by Chef Jason Atherton” cookbook! Woohoo! To see Chef Andres Lara at work head on down to the dessert bar at Pollen. Drop me a message if you need a partner in crime!



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