Shanghai X Surrounding cities .China.

Over the past 2 1/2 years working with my current company I have been to Shanghai umpteenth times. However, sometimes, I spent the whole trip in meeting rooms, but not on this week-long trip.


This time I had the opportunity to travel to cities surrounding Shanghai on their high speed rail (动车). I am impressed with the timeliness and cleaniness of the service. But being on a higher ground (the rails run through tall bridges) I also witnessed how polluted the country is. Imagine being in the train for hours and you don’t see even a glimpse of blue sky? It’s always dusty and gloomy, almost like passing through the districts in the hunger games.

Our supplier brought us to “西塘古镇” to see sunset after a day’s work at the office. It’s crowded with local tourists as the labour day long weekend was approaching. The old town doesn’t have the charm I wish to see, bars and restaurants have taken over the buildings polluting it with neon lights and loud techno music.


They are famous for smelly toufu in the old town. I love a good old smelly toufu, however the ones I had were too salty.        

Favorite part of my trips are visiting factories and mills. I always love the images I get walking through the factories. The workers are always so oblivious of me taking photos.  Anyway, hopefully I don’t have to travel to China anytime soon, the pollution level is so bad that I do not wish to be anywhere near the country again.