Shanghai X Surrounding cities .China.

Over the past 2 1/2 years working with my current company I have been to Shanghai umpteenth times. However, sometimes, I spent the whole trip in meeting rooms, but not on this week-long trip.


This time I had the opportunity to travel to cities surrounding Shanghai on their high speed rail (动车). I am impressed with the timeliness and cleaniness of the service. But being on a higher ground (the rails run through tall bridges) I also witnessed how polluted the country is. Imagine being in the train for hours and you don’t see even a glimpse of blue sky? It’s always dusty and gloomy, almost like passing through the districts in the hunger games.

Our supplier brought us to “西塘古镇” to see sunset after a day’s work at the office. It’s crowded with local tourists as the labour day long weekend was approaching. The old town doesn’t have the charm I wish to see, bars and restaurants have taken over the buildings polluting it with neon lights and loud techno music.


They are famous for smelly toufu in the old town. I love a good old smelly toufu, however the ones I had were too salty.        

Favorite part of my trips are visiting factories and mills. I always love the images I get walking through the factories. The workers are always so oblivious of me taking photos.  Anyway, hopefully I don’t have to travel to China anytime soon, the pollution level is so bad that I do not wish to be anywhere near the country again.


Savour extended. Part Two.

Gourmet [ g oo r- mey , g oo r -mey ]
a connoisseur of fine food and drink; epicure.

Sure, one post isn’t enough to say it all, there was just way too much happening in a day!

Next up! We attended “A Pastry & Tea Pairing Experience by Michael Liu, Windowsill Pies” it was presented with Gryphon Tea Company. We were very lucky to get a spot for the class/ presentation. Chef Michael did an excellent job pairing the selected teas. (1. Earl Grey 2. Lapsang Souchong 3. Marsala Chai) We love the aroma of Lapsang Souchong, which we nicknamed it “hamsup lapcheong” (internal joke). It is a black tea smoked with pine wood from Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province. It is distinctly smokey, with a hint of bacon. Chef Michael paired this with a maple flavored walnut madeleine. The flavors were so unexpectedly complimentary. Pair yours with a stack of fluffy pancakes over maple syrup it would work just as well!


We also met with my favorite relish producer from New Zealand! *Screams* Maison Therese, I fell in love with their tomato relish when I tasted them at Memphis Belle in Wellington, I had them with a pie I ordered, (long story, short) I brought them all the way home! Now, it’s great to see them on the shelves of Jasons and Cold Storage. We chatted with Monique and Emma Bradshaw about ingredients that are available in New Zealand and how their family history play a big part in the recipes they created. Silly me didn’t even properly introduce ourselves, even thou we chat like old friends for almost an hour!

We then attended “Italian Trippa” with Gabriele Pegaia from Burlamacco. He explained and taught us how to cook Trippa, not easy if you didn’t prepare it well. We probably were a little too enthusiastic during the presentation that he remembered us and when we saw him at his booth, he invited us for drinks and we talked about languages and travels. Funny guy.

Here comes the highlight of the day!!! Like, I don’t have enough exclamations in my post, yet. We got into “Playing with Chocolate” by Andres Lara from Pollen. What’s so exciting, you may ask?Firstly, it’s a fully hands-on baking class. Secondly, it’s only available for the first 16. We were number 11 and 12 in queue! So many that came after were disappointed. Yes, we did wait in the queue an hour or more before the class starts.



The very young but yet experienced Chef Andres explains and demonstrates 2 recipes. A travel cake which has a dense brownie bottom and a light citrusy green tea top. This recipe has a very interesting hidden hazelnut praline in the brownie part of the cake which gives a slight crunch to your bite. He also showed us how to make choc bon bons, there wasn’t any time for us to work on it hands on but we get to taste them. Erica was amazingly fast and she explains each step to me again when we were at it, for getting ready fast, we each won a “gourmet food on a budget by Chef Jason Atherton” cookbook! Woohoo! To see Chef Andres Lara at work head on down to the dessert bar at Pollen. Drop me a message if you need a partner in crime!


Savour the moment. Part One.

Foodie [foo -dee]
noun Slang.
a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking.

Yes, last Saturday we brought out the inner foodie in us. Erica and I attended gourmet demonstrations, pastry & tea pairing, hands-on baking class, tasted signature dishes of many celebrity chefs, all at Savour.

Pardon the lack of images, I’m not a food photographer, I just enjoy eating, tasting, savoring them and not have clicks and snaps. Its a risk having the dish turning cold and losing the best moment, isn’t it?

We packed the day and selecting as many experiences we can fit in. Started off with “A summer menu with Roberto Galetti” executive chef and managing director at Garibaldi. A live demonstration of 3italian dishes where he encourages us to toss up for summer! Fuss free and easy! Chef Roberto is an Italian who only uses 100% Italian Olive oil!

Right after that we tasted some dishes at the gourmet village. Top 3 of my favorite experience would be:
#3. 55′ smoked organic egg by Julien Royer .Jaan. Singapore
An interactive experience you get to have, which is pouring the egg out into the dish where you mix it up! Well, who doesn’t love an egg dish?

#2. Cold Angel Hair Pasta by Gunther Hubrechsen .Gunther’s. Singapore
Can you imagine a cold angel hair pasta with beautiful truffle aroma seducing you under a 35degrees blazing afternoon sun? On first slurp, the bursting caviars, the freshly chopped chives, the cold angel hair pasta and the truffle oil flavor lingering in your mouth. It was like you never ever want that breadth of freshness go away.

#1. Beetroot sponge, wild rice and macadamia salad by Margot Janse .The tasting room at Le Quartier Fraçais. South Africa
It was exquisite! Beetroot juice made into a foam ball, it hold it’s shape despite the blazing heat. And yes, it was so refreshing, it melts in your mouth, with the texture of the wild rice and salad. No words will be able to explain the experience. Chef Margot was very friendly and explained the two dishes we ordered, on how she acquire the ingredients locally and the process of preparation. Thank you for preparing and presenting such an amazing dish.

It is such an amazing gastronomic day, with so many experiences and happenings, only being there and soaking it all in will do justice. Of cos, being there with the right company who enjoys as much if not even more then you do makes best out of it! Thank you Erica for asking me along, I will missed ya but with that said, lets plan for BBC Good Food Show in London!





A little road trip to Malacca .Malaysia.

20130408-162333.jpgSometime last November, Susi and I met Béné over coffee and the next thing we knew was we were off on a road trip to Malacca! All I remembered was we ate 500 different meals and visited all the tourists attraction within the day!20130408-162356.jpg

20130408-162625.jpgWe drove and we ate, we walked and we ate, we laughed and we talked, we shoot and we ate, we walked and we shoot, we talked and we laughed, we ate and we ate. It was not about where we went or what we ate, it was really the company that made this trip unforgettable. Hopefully we will all meet again soon! And perhaps in Paris?20130408-162714.jpgxoxo

Bandung X Jakarta .Indonesia.

Over the week I was in Bandung and Jakarta, Indonesia for meetings. Here are some of the snapshots I took during the trip.

20130406-193945.jpgSundanese Lunch! I tried all those raw vege and now I think I know why the cows prefer watercress. The raw watercress has this “green” taste but it isn’t bitter and the flavors burst in your mouth as you chew on. We have rice to go with corn fritters, fried daohu, fried mashed potatoes and herbs, marinated fried kumpung chicken and an assam vegetable soup.

20130406-194015.jpgFruits on the meeting table, erm, excuse me, how do you peel an orange and start eating it over meeting? And it is also pretty funny to munch on bananas, thou the company’s GM had a few over the meeting table.




20130406-194107.jpgWhile being taken around the factories..




20130406-194148.jpgSome street shots, this is starting to inspire me to travel Indonesia, have a trip from Jakarta to Bali it would be beautiful to travel from mountains to mountains, village to village and ultimately dive in Bali!




Some of you reading may be puzzled, I posted that I will be resuming my blog by tracing my foot steps. :P right, about that, I started on a new job in January and I am kinda putting alot of focus and energy in that. Honestly, I haven’t been working for over a year, have been living and traveling pretty freely, doing whatever I feel like, whenever. So it will take me awhile before I can really push my mind to be work focus. I have been to a few places since I was back from Australia/ New Zealand last August, I would try to post something out of it. Meanwhile, I would like this to be my free-spirited blog, just subscribe (I honestly don’t know if there’s such an option) or pop by when you feel like.

Retirement Ramble

Well, I’ve been overworking my tiny brain tonight by thinking about how to achieve my retirement goals by 50. It could jolly well be those late twenties hormones, but well, yes I’m in panic mode now. Thou, I did choose to live young and dangerous last year with some solo traveling (it wasn’t really that dangerous at all, apart from that ultra close encounter with that adult male kangaroo that charge in my direction while bush walking in Barwon Downs). All these should have been planned out a decade ago, but i didnt, so, well, I can’t afford to have any further delays. And no, I do not mean I need to start a family now, I am not build that way, anyway. However with that said, I love kids, wouldn’t mind to have my own, so, if you are smart, handsome and witty, you may like to send me your résumé for shortlisting your sperms donation, thank you very much.

So I am mind mapping how to achieve retirement goals without much burden to anybody later on in life and live the lifestyle I enjoy. Which is to be living in the country, have my own B&B and meet travelers from all over the world and bring their travels to me when I can no longer travel.

Anybody have better insights for a good head start, we should meet up for coffee sharing session, but no financial consultants please.

Yes I did put a pause on my travelog. And it will resume to retrace footsteps on 7th Feb. This is just my random rambling post, which you will get more from now on (maybe, possibly) until I get paranoid about people who talk like they know me cos they read my blog. :) Friends who know me will know how paranoid I can get sometimes, and how I hate people who pretend that they know you without real conversations.


So, I will just have to fight for my goal(s) and push through any bad weather that comes my way.


you may have noticed that things have gone silent in a whole long while. I have been thinking. my journey isn’t complete when I only post my photos taken with my iPhone. I will relive my journey, day by day starting Feb 2013, recounting the footsteps, my journey that changed me and my values of life.